SHOWDOWN is a podcast for poker players, by poker players. Tune in each month as Ryan Grant and Scott "The Jew" bring interviews, information, and the best in poker entertainment right to you. Live viewers on Twitch can participate and ask questions in the chat or by calling in at 888-401-2337. Podcast subscribers get all the episodes to take with them and listen at their leisure!



Ryan Grant is a professional video game designer and part time poker player. He loves games, all the games, and loves talking strategy with anyone who will listen. After graduating from Princeton University in 2007, he worked a variety of odd jobs including landscaping, coin collection appraisal, and road crew. During that time he scrounged for scratch to play cash games at the various cardrooms around the San Francisco Bay Area. As his career in game design has flourished, he has found a happy balance between the inevitable swings of poker and the predictability of an awesome 9-to-5 gig working on top-secret new mobile games.



Scott “The Jew” Moskowitz is a former professional poker player and the host of Showdown. A talk show devotee from early on, he began working in the industry in 2001 on FM radio in Southern California. After stints at Clear Channel and CBS Radio in San Francisco, he joined The Brewing Network in 2009, a multimedia resource for craft beer and homebrewing. After cultivating a worldwide audience on their podcasts and radio shows, he and his team opened The Hop Grenade Taproom & Bottleshop in Concord, California in 2014, out of which Showdown is broadcast. When he’s not editing show audio or grinding cash games at his local cardroom, he can be seen on the ice or behind an easel.